Student Testimonials

“For the last two years, I’ve never experienced a family that helped me through a lot. I have really enjoyed my years in the college and I have the principal, lecturers and friends to thank for” – Hana Maisarah binti Haji Johari of ND in Computer Studies 08/01 (FT)

“College, not only a continuation of high school, but is also a stepping-stone to get acquainted with the demands of life and work before we even reach there. It pays to know what is ahead. I am fortunate to have attended IGS College. I found everything to be similar to my own background, hard-work and a positive way of life. Thank you for making the standards high which will be the essential part of MY LIFE!” – Hj Muhd Zulhilmi bin Hj Zaidin of HNDCOM08/02 (FT)

“I think IGS College is one of the best colleges in Brunei. Students are given privileges in using the facilities. The lecturers are friendly and helpful, and learning environment is comfortable. With the help of my friends and excellent lecturers, I believe I can excel in my study” – Saburdeen Mohamed Umarali of ND in Computer Studies 08/01 (FT)

“Studying in IGS College is cool!. The students and lecturers are very friendly, easy going and fun to be with. There are always a lot of activities going on in the college which is the good thing as this gives us students the balance if study and fun. Another thing is the location, well-located within business areas with plenty of shops and restaurants around it. The college building is spacious and it offers an excellent education services” – Chin Chiet Yin of ND in Business & Finance 07/02 (FT)

“Benjamin Franklin once said that “If a man empties his wallet into his head, no one can take it from him”. I’ve been in IGS College since 2004 taking PND and ND in the year 2005. I am now in my second year of HNDBM. Studying here has been a good investment for my family & I planned to pursue my degree further” – Hj Md Zuwairi Ihsani bin Hj Abd Ghani of HNDBM08/02 (FT)

“This college has helped in a lot of ways to open my mind when it comes to what I do academically. The truth is, it is very difficult to really catch up sometimes, but with the help of the lecturers and the support of my colleagues and friends, I am able to achieve what I aimed for. Thank you for the chance to study here and the constant support given” – Muhd Azizul Amir bin POKPA Awg Hj Hazrin of HND in Computing 07 (PT)